Stressed, but well dressed

well dressed

Hey Fashionistas,

This is honestly going to be a very stressful year, as it is going to be my final year as school.

Right now its chilled but as the weeks go by it’s gonna get BUSY BUSY BUUUSSYYY!!!!

However despite all this i still manage to make myself look as “fly” as possible whenever i get the chance.

so, yes! you might get a little stressed but you better as least make sure you hella well dressed😉

keep styling x

New Year, New Style


Hey Fashionistas,

Welcome back to Passion For Fashion 100% 2016.

It’s going to be a busy year for me so I few changes to the blog, I will be posting only once a week on Tuesdays🙂. Furthermore once in a while on top of that will be posting inspirational outfits I find and want to share with all of you. Thank you all for your patience and love you all fashionable people.

Keep styling x


Hot or Cold


Hey Fashionistas,

Sorry haven’t posted in awhile, but I’m ALIVEEE not dead, so you can all calm yourselves🙂😉

so the past couple of weeks the weather has been having real mood swings. A recent topic being talked about as of lately is whether people prefer summer or winter (hot or cold). I decided to ask you guys as well . Personally i prefer the summer i just love the sun, the warmth, the beach and of course ICE-CREAMM!!😛 yum! plus me and the cold, yea, we don’t agree with each other that well. I think its because as a child i was exposed to the heat more then i moved to Australia and BOMB the COLD…brrrrrrr!

so are you Hot as pepper or Chilled as ice ? Let me know on the comments below

Keep Styling x


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Hey fashionistas,

have any of you ever sat down looked in your wardrobe and wondered.. Why do I shop so much?😛

I don’t know what it is but that certain thrill of buying something new just excites me. Shopping is a way of life, I enjoy it, I live by it and I LOVE IT!!! who agrees with me😀

so recently been on this online shopping site which has a lot of amazing stuff, from shoes to clothing to accessories, they have it all, plus much more.

I wanted to share my excitement with all of you

The online shopping site: its also an app (wish)

These are some of the stuff i found that i want ❤️❤️❤️

Keep styling x

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LIPS.. that is the question


Hey Fashionistas,

“Lipstick can’t solve all problems, but i’t a great start”

“Lip gloss and cellphone; all a girl needs to succeed”

The question I have today is: are you a lipstick or lip-gloss type of girl? Personally I prefer lip-gloss I don’t what it is about it I just love. Might be the amazing feeling of my lips when I put it on or the fact that every time I put it on reminds me of the song by Lil Mama –Lip Gloss(“They say my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss be popping).

if you know this song *High Five* \(^.^) we are now best friends🙂

So are you for lipstick or lip-gloss? Let me know😀

Keep styling x

team lipstick

S1s2 s3

team lip-gloss

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Spring Fever


Hey Fashionistas,

I am still loving the fact that spring has come ❤️ WHO ELSE LOVES SPRING? ❤️ If you do i love you too xx

so had the fashion show was so nervous but all in all it went well, was great fun as well. Don’t worry more info on how it went will come later on (*cough* need to get the pictures :P).

So the question for today is what is your go to spring outfit? Might be jeans, tank top and a cute cardigan, or you can prefer to go for a more skater skirt and crop top look. What ever it is, i would like to know so comment down below.

which one of these is close to your go to outfit? would love to know that too🙂

Keep styling x

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The Higher the BETTER!


Hey fashionistas,

The fashion show is fast approaching and i am feeling both excited and anxious.🙂 can’t wait to show you all how it went on my next blog post. Will be posting up pictures of my design and information about the fashion show itself.😀

anyways, i was searching for heels to wear with my design and got inspired to show you guys some fabulous heels i came across, these are simply to die for.. not really die die, but you get the idea😛

hope you enjoy

Keep styling x

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most of these can be found at and

Spring feeling


Hey fashionistas,

Over this side we have well and truly said goodbye to the freezing winter and HELLO to spring🙂

although it’s still cold, spring has finally arrived and things are starting to look brighter already.

OH! and some exciting news, I am going to be part of a fashion show this Saturday and I’m so excited😀. I get to model my own design, that I designed and produced. Pray to God I don’t fall down.😛

so like I said things are looking brighter this spring already.🙂

Here are some floral inspirations for spring.

Keep Styling x

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